Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Brexit - Why Is No One Talking About THIS?

I have been following the EU Brexit debate on both social media and the TV for what now seems like months (but is in fact probably just weeks) and have seen both sides ripping lumps out of each other and quite frankly chucking ridiculous predictions and so called 'facts' about that are at the very best total speculation and at the worst just complete crap (let's hope so anyway as the 'Remain' lot have just predicted World War III and global Armageddon!!)

Unless I've missed something though they haven't really addressed or discussed in any proper detail what I believe to be the single most important issue in the entire debate for the average working man and woman in the UK.

I am talking about the fact the the vast majority of the U.K population do not speak a foreign language! We speak English and only English, it's the way it is, the way it always has been and very probably the way it will always be.  

English is also recognised as the global language of business and also the international language of science. It is a language that is widely spoken all over the planet with children in schools the world over being taught it from a very early age.  This is where we have a HUGE issue as it completely destroys the alleged 'fact' that we in the UK have total freedom of movement within the EU.  

I sell theatre tickets and sightseeing tours for a living in London dealing with the general public face to face.  I have been doing this job for 30 years and during that time I have seen many changes and upheavals however should the worst happen and I was to lose my job due to redundancy or an economic downturn I cannot simply up sticks and relocate to Paris, Berlin, Prague or Stockholm as no one in their right mind in those cities would give me a job because I can't speak the language.  This is common sense!  

If if I was doing my job in New York however, I could easily relocate to Boston, Texas, Alabama, California or pretty much anywhere in the USA as the Americans have a common language so their federal system actually works!

In my opinion just this one simple fact means that the EU can never properly work for us as we will never ever get the full benefit out of it.  I spoke at length with a Frenchman a few weeks ago and he told me that in France they get very few EU immigrants and that seems to be pretty much true for Germany too yet here in Britain we get net migration from the EU in the hundreds of thousands every year.  This is because ALL of the citizens of the EU learn English at school as a second language but all other European languages would be taught at best as secondary or optional courses as they are here in the UK.

This means that if we remain in the EU it is pretty much 100% guaranteed that we will get a consistently disproportionate amount of immigrants arriving here from EU countries looking for work compared to everyone else which is simply not fair as not only it is a huge drain on our resources such as the NHS and our welfare bill but also the vast majority of the people coming will not be from the top end of the scale which will keep wages low for the working man and woman as demand will always exceed supply.

This will then continue to dilute our culture even further and lead to resentment which usually eventually leads to conflict.

Why are the politicians not addressing this issue in the debate?  Have I told any lies here? How can this possibly ever work in the long run?

I would really like to hear other opinions on this so please share this and get it out there and let's see whether someone can explain to me how at 49 years old I'm going to be able to get a job in my sector at the same level in Lithuania!

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