Thursday, 9 January 2014

Twelve Angry Men at the Garrick Theatre

Imagine yourself sitting in a room, it is unbearably hot and the air is stifling. Imagine there are eleven other people in that room and they are all staring at you because you are the odd one out, the only one who doesn’t agree with them. Would you take the easy way out and find comfort in conformity? Would you agree with them despite your better judgement because it’s easier that way? Now imagine you have a young man’s life in your hands; would you be prepared to face the wrath of a roomful of strangers, would you stand alone to see that justice is done?

That is the dilemma faced by Mr Davis as he sits in a jury room as the twelve deliberate on the verdict of a trial where a young delinquent is accused of murdering his father. The other eleven members of the jury have made up their minds that he is guilty and just want to get it over with so they can go home. Davis has reasonable doubt and tells the others he wants to go through the evidence again.

Slowly he breaks down the arguments, tantrums, prejudices and bigotry of the other jurors and, one by one, they begin changing their votes to not guilty.

Twelve Angry Men is a classic story from the pen of Reginald Rose who wrote it as a television play in 1954. A year later it was adapted for the stage and then in 1957 Sidney Lumet directed Henry Fonda as the lead in one of the greatest films in cinema history.

Back on stage in the Garrick Theatre, London, Twelve Angry Men is still a huge hit with audiences as the lead roles are taken on by Martin Shaw, Jeff Fahey, Nick Moran and Robert Vaughn.

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