Monday, 16 May 2011

Billy Elliot Tickets Have Never Been Better Value!

Billy Elliot tickets have been hot property in the west end ever since the show opened at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London over 5 years ago. The stage show has now become a global hit and has been performed all over the world but it is on the London stage where it has its spiritual home and continues to wow west end audiences night after night.

As the London theatre ticket market place is so competetive, theatregoers can now benefit from fantastic discounts on Billy Elliot tickets to most performances sometimes saving up to 38% on the regular ticket price as the big players cement their allocations with the theatre, buying tickets in bulk and passing savings onto the consumer in an attempt to both secure and increase their market share.

It is not only Billy Elliot tickets that have now come down in price either as the recession bites into peoples pockets there are bargains and discounts to be had for a whole host of top west end shows as the suppliers continue to jockey for position negotiating lucrative discounts in exchange for greater ticket allocations through advance purchasing of large blocks of tickets for the very best west end shows.

So how low can the price of tickets to Billy Elliot get? Well as long as the Victoria Palace is still selling out night after night to delighted audiences this is very debatable but it would seem as if there is now a trend in the market to offer maximum value to the consumer as opposed to a few years ago where punters would have to buy directly from the box office or hope for last minute returns from Leicester Square ticket booths to receive any value at all with all of the big theatre ticket suppliers adding eye watering booking fees onto the face value of the tickets to increase margins.

The power of the internet seems to be the driving force behind the heavy discounting of Billy Elliot tickets along with other London stage shows as companies from all over the world try and get in on a piece of the action forcing the UK suppliers to slash prices or face going out of business which is of course fantastic for the London theatre going public, who can take advantage of the sheer verocity of the marketplace to secure maximum bang for their buck.

The public should not get complacent however as corporate takeovers in the market place will inevitably eventually lead to less suppliers and less competition in the market as all of the minnows in the industry get gobbled up by the big boys. So why not take advantage of the current situation as Billy Elliot tickets have never been better value and maybe never will be again. As far as prices for London theatre tickets goes you really have never had it so good!

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