Saturday, 28 May 2011

Matilda The Musical Tickets. New Dedicated Website Online Now

Matilda The Musical tickets are now on sale for the opening of the show at the Cambridge Theatre in London this October. To celebrate the coming of what has bee an eagerly awaiting to the west ends portfolio of musicals BmyConcierge have launched a brand new dedicated website extolling all things relevent to Matilda.

The Matilda The Musical stage show is based on the much loved story by the late Roald Dahl and the new production has already had considerable success in its run at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon delighting both audiences and critics alike and the shows producers are very confident that this will be a triumphant transfer into the west end for what will be a great night out for all the family!

'Her parents think she is a nuisance and she thinks, quite rightly, they are only interested in watching tv. Life is not much better at school, where the monstrous headmistress Miss Trunchbull terrifies both teachers and pupils alike. Then one day Matilda discovers she has a very special power and decides it's time the grown-ups were taught a lesson. Be warned, the children are revolting...'

So for Matilda The Musical tickets and show story and venue information please visit the brand new dedicated and user friendly website online now from BmyConcierge.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Matilda The Musical tickets @ Cambridge Theatre now on sale. Brand new dedicated website now online from BmyConcierge

Monday, 23 May 2011

Rock Of Ages Tickets- The Final Countdown

Rock Of Ages tickets are now on sale for the eagerly awaited opening of the stage show at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London this September and west end critics and theatre goers alike are wondering whether the show can live up to the hype or will just be another failed import to the London stage?

Advance sales of Rock Of Ages tickets have so far looked promising and suppliers are bullish about the show seeing it as a real challenger to we Will Rock You to be the number one Rock stage show in London after its successful runs in theatres as far and wide as the U.S, Canada and Australia.

And why not? This is a stage show that doesn't take itself too seriousely and is packed with 28 classic singalong rock anthems from the 1980's fused into a cheesy boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back again storyline that should provide a nice little bit of escapism for the theatre going public for a couple of hours making Rock Of Ages tickets a nice little investment for people wishing to let their hair down and 'give it large' with a bit of 'air guitar'!

The Shaftesbury Theatre is the venue to host the Rock Of Ages stage show and producers hope that the 1400 seat capacity of the theatre will be enough to accommodate the demand with 8 shows a week to be played out. With a musical score that includes The Final Countdown, Don't Stop Believin', Every Rose Has Its Thorn, and We're Not Gonna Take It from classic 80's rock bands, Rock Of Ages tickets are being snapped up by the lucrative 35-55 age group which is another reason why the expectations are so high for the show.

So will Rock Of Ages in London be a hit or a massive bellyflop disapointment? Only time will tell but the omens are good so get your air guitars at the ready and head down to the Shaftesbury Theatre this September for a dose of sillyness and nostalgia that is sure to have you singing and dancing in the aisles!
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Friday, 20 May 2011

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Billy Elliot tickets have never been better value!

Billy Elliot Tickets Have Never Been Better Value!

Billy Elliot tickets have been hot property in the west end ever since the show opened at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London over 5 years ago. The stage show has now become a global hit and has been performed all over the world but it is on the London stage where it has its spiritual home and continues to wow west end audiences night after night.

As the London theatre ticket market place is so competetive, theatregoers can now benefit from fantastic discounts on Billy Elliot tickets to most performances sometimes saving up to 38% on the regular ticket price as the big players cement their allocations with the theatre, buying tickets in bulk and passing savings onto the consumer in an attempt to both secure and increase their market share.

It is not only Billy Elliot tickets that have now come down in price either as the recession bites into peoples pockets there are bargains and discounts to be had for a whole host of top west end shows as the suppliers continue to jockey for position negotiating lucrative discounts in exchange for greater ticket allocations through advance purchasing of large blocks of tickets for the very best west end shows.

So how low can the price of tickets to Billy Elliot get? Well as long as the Victoria Palace is still selling out night after night to delighted audiences this is very debatable but it would seem as if there is now a trend in the market to offer maximum value to the consumer as opposed to a few years ago where punters would have to buy directly from the box office or hope for last minute returns from Leicester Square ticket booths to receive any value at all with all of the big theatre ticket suppliers adding eye watering booking fees onto the face value of the tickets to increase margins.

The power of the internet seems to be the driving force behind the heavy discounting of Billy Elliot tickets along with other London stage shows as companies from all over the world try and get in on a piece of the action forcing the UK suppliers to slash prices or face going out of business which is of course fantastic for the London theatre going public, who can take advantage of the sheer verocity of the marketplace to secure maximum bang for their buck.

The public should not get complacent however as corporate takeovers in the market place will inevitably eventually lead to less suppliers and less competition in the market as all of the minnows in the industry get gobbled up by the big boys. So why not take advantage of the current situation as Billy Elliot tickets have never been better value and maybe never will be again. As far as prices for London theatre tickets goes you really have never had it so good!

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Two New shows Opening In The West End, Lend Me A Tenor & Viva Forever

New Shows Coming To The West End

Here's a bit of news on two new shows opening up in the west end, Lend Me a Tenor, and the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever.

Lend Me a Tenor tickets are now on sale for the shows opening at the Gielgud Theatre in London this June. Lend Me A Tenor is a tale of operatic calamity, set in Ohio in 1934, where the failing Grand Opera Company is about to be saved by the arrival of the world's greatest tenor Tito Merelli. When he is unexpectedly incapacitated, it is down to the director's meek assistant to find a replacement, a task made more difficult by a scheming soprano, a tenor-struck ingénue, a jealous wife and the Cleveland Police department.

Lend Me a Tenor is a musical comedy, which would even give Berlioz a belly-laugh and delight Donizetti, will star Matthew Kelly, making a swift West End return following the closure of Sign of the Times, alongside Damian Humbley, Michael Matus and Sophie-Louise Dann. Further casting is yet to be announced.

Book Lend me a Tenor tickets now for the Gielgud Theatre from 6th June 2011.

Judy Craymer the Mamma Mia producer has confirmed that her new musical project, Viva Forever, featuring the music of The Spice Girls will be directed by British theatre director Marianne Elliott and promises to be a modern fable of camaraderie, love and loyalty, has been written by Jennifer Saunders.

Marianne Elliott has worked for the Royal Exchange, Royal Court, RSC and National Theatre and is most famous for her direction, along with Tom Morris, of the National Theatre's War Horse, which is currently playing at the New London Theatre in London and has recently opened at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre on Broadway to rave reviews. Her other productions include Saint Joan at the National starring Anne-Marie Duff and Alan Ayckbourn's Season's Greetings. Viva Forever is expected to open in London at the end of 2012.

Friday, 6 May 2011

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

We Will Rock You Tickets- A Must For Queen Fans!

We Will Rock You Tickets- A Must For Queen Fans

We Will Rock You tickets have never been so popular with the public even after 9 years of the show playing at the Dominion Theatre in London.

Even though it's been two decades since the tragic passing of the legendary front man Freddie Mercury people from all over the world still flock to the capital to pay homage to the great man and enjoy the bands music in a live setting on the west end stage.

London sightseeing tours operate taking visitors to see the great mans house in Logan Place, Kensington which has become a shrine with thousands of fans and well wishers scrawling messages to Freddie on the surrounding walls, so combining this with a trip to the theatre to see the We Will Rock You stage show is surely a must for all Queen fans wherever they are from.

Another reason why we Will Rock You tickets have remained so popular with the public over the past 9 years is value for money. in these troubled times of recession and uncertainty people need a bit of fun and release from their daily lives and this show provides that at very attractive prices as astute dealings between the theatre and major ticket suppliers mean that it is actually possible to book We Will Rock You tickets at discount prices for most performances with savings of up to 40% off the normal face value of the ticket.

As most people thrive on a bit of nostalgia the target audience for the show was originally the 35-50 age group, however the popularity of Queen seems incredibly to have increased over the past two decades and the band have found a brand new and younger fan base as well who book We Will Rock You tickets in their thousands looking for a rip roaring night out at affordable prices.

The combination of a fantastic musical score from Queen's back catalogue, along with a spectacular set, scene changes and a tongue in cheek story written by Ben Elton and great value for money discount prices looks set to ensure that We Will Rock you tickets will continue to be amongst the west ends best sellers for many years to come. So if you're a fan of Queen and enjoy music in a vibrant atmosphere live on stage then the We Will Rock You show at the Dominion is surely on the things to do list' for your next trip to London.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Rock Of Ages, The New King Of Rock Musicals?

Rock Of Ages, The New King Of Rock Musicals?

With Rock Of Ages tickets now on sale for its forthcoming opening at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London as exclusively revealed by in January, the west end theatre going public will soon be voting with their pockets to determine whether this is going to be the next big rock musical in the capital and a challenger to the phenomenally successful We Will Rock You.

The omens are so far good with initial advance sales of Rock Of Ages tickets looking positive and with the shows successful runs in the U.S, Canada and Australia it is likely that the Rock Of Ages London show will be just as popular with the punters as the show targets the very lucrative 30-50 age group both male and female and looks to delight west end audiences with some great sing along anthems and tongue in cheek nostalgia giving a welcome release from daily life to the public with a good night out.

The Rock Of Ages stage show tries its best not to take itself too seriously with its boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back again storyline that manages to mix in 28 classic 1980's rock anthems into the mix including 'The Final Countdown' (Europe), 'We're Not Gonna Take It, (Twisted Sister), 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' (Bon Jovi) and of course 'Don't Stop Believing' (Journey) and it is this fusion of simple uncomplicated storyline mixed in with a rocking familiar musical score that the producers are pinning their hopes of wowing the west end theatre going public on.

Another plus point that should help the success of the show and sale of Rock Of Ages tickets is the confirmation of a making of a Hollywood movie version of the show starring Tom Cruise and Russell Brand which on paper looks to be inspired casting and could see the stage show audience increasing with the popularity of the movie as was the case with the (still) incredibly successful Mamma Mia.

So all in all the signals are positive for the sale of Rock Of Ages tickets and London could have a new pretender to the west end rock musical crown, so watch this space and 'Don't Stop Believing!'

Sunday, 1 May 2011

We Will Rock You tickets offer the west ends best value night out!

We Will Rock You Is Set To Run An Run!

When the show first exploded onto the London stage at the Dominion Theatre in 2002 no one could have predicted exactly how popular We Will Rock You tickets were going to become.

The story of Galileo and his group of Bohemians trying to bring rock music back to the people in a futuristic GaGa world ruled by the evil Killer Queen has now wowed audiences all over the world and has become a global phenomenon making We Will Rock You tickets some of the hottest property in theatre.

It is at the Dominion in London though where the show has its spritual home and looks to run for years to come as the London show has created what seems to be a unique atmosphere that delights audiences night after night as they sing along to the fantastic back catalogue of Queen hits that comes blasting into the auditorium. The We Will Rock You stage show has redefined west end theatre and brought a whole new type of audience to the Dominion as the incredible Queen fan base old and new lap it up.

The show is made even better value as astute dealings between the theatre and major ticket suppliers mean that We Will Rock You tickets can actually be bought at discount prices midweek for most performances making it even better value to the consumer adding to the fun.

The thirst for entertainment and nostalgia from the public along with a need for a good old fashioned knees up have all contributed to the success of the We Will Rock You show in London and the trend could be set to continue as another rock musical Rock Of Ages comes to the Shaftesbury Theatre in September, but its looking like We Will Rock You tickets will be in demand for a long time to come as great value and entertainment go hand in hand and both are available in abundence at the Dominion easing the stress and strain of modern daily life.

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